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In the post SEO for a new blog I have mentioned that you should write meta description for your website. In this post we shall see how to add the meta description of a website and a post through WordPress plugin. The plugin used for this tutorial will be WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is on of the most popular SEO plugin and is used by many webmasters. Before demonstrating how to write a meta description, let us see what a meta description is.

What is a Meta Description?

You will find a lot of data over the internet explaining what is a meta description. In short, meta description is a description or brief set of information about your website and a post. It is shown in search results in the form of a snippet. Under a search result two lines are written that describe a post. This is meta description.

Consider that meta description for a blog is separate than meta description for a post. A blog meta description will tell search engines about the content of your blog. It is written once a blog is set but you should write meta description for every new post. It should include the story of that particular post.

How to Write Meta Description?

This is a question that will arise in minds of newbies. There are two main methods of writing meta descriptions.

1) Write meta description through HTML coding.

2) Use plugins to write a blog Meta Description.

The first requires a little bit advanced knowledge. But as beginners are addressed so we shall use a simple method to write MD of a website or a blog. This is by using WordPress Seo Plugin by Yoast.

Steps in writing website meta description through SEO plugin

Before moving forward keep in mind that we are writing meta description of a website, not for a post. Method for writing MD for post shall be described later in the post.

Step 1: Install Plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast

Well installation of a WP plugin is very simple. In your dashboard click plugins. Then go to add new plugins. In the search area write WordPress SEO and you will find the plugin in the results. Click install and then activate. If you have already installed the plugin on your WordPress blog then skip this step and move to the next step.

Step 2: Go to the Titles & Metas section of your pluginWrite Meta description through SEO plugin

Once the plugin is installed its time to open the plugin. In the dashboard you will see a newly generated icon of SEO under settings option. When you click this icon, the options will appear. For writing meta description second option has to be clicked. In other words, go to Titles & Metas section of SEO plugin. There you will see five different tabs in titles & metas window. General, home, post types, taxonomies and others. Click the second one,  the home tab. This will open up the area where we have to write meta description of our blog.

Step 3: Write meta description of your blog

Now you have reached the actual place where you can write a meta description of your blog.

SEO yoast meta description

This window in the home tab has two places. Do not change the title template words. Just start writing your meta description in the meta description template area. Keep in mind that this MD should describe the search engines about the content of your blog/website. Give maximum information in 155 to 160 characters. Do not miss important keywords. It is a good practice to write the MD is a MS word file and check for total characters. Once you have adjusted the description with in 160, then simply use Copy paste way. You have written your site meta description through WordPress SEO plugin. Click save changes.

This MD will not change and will stay as it is. For every of your new post there should be a post MD. You can again write meta description of post with WordPress SEO plugin.

Writing Post Meta Description

When you have written a new post for your blog. Then do not instantly publish it. Scroll down the page. The plugin for SEO has arrangements for you to write post MD. This area will look like this.

Post meta description

Here in this window of your new post you should write two things. One is focus keyword. The other is meta description. The focus keyword is that around which your post revolve. Of course, you would have the keyword in mind before writing a post. In MD section, write 2 lines about your post. Add keyword when you write meta description for your post.

Hope you have learned two lessons. 1) How to write meta description for blog through WordPress plugin. 2) How to write post MD. Want more information about MD? Read post about MD on moz.

If you still have any confusions, feel free to ask.

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