Best WordPress Quiz Plugin for Online Tests

There are many WordPress quiz plugins available for the publishers. A quiz plugin makes it easy and possible to put questions on your blog in the form of quiz. The quiz is designed by the post author and he himself feeds answers in the plugin. Once the user complete the quiz he/she gets the scores according to criteria set by the author. Users also get the option to see answers simultaneously. Websites dealing with education and testing usually employ these quizzes. But any type of quiz can be posted on a blog to engage users. In this post, a very useful and detailed WordPress quiz plugin is reviewed. Popular WordPress quiz plugins include the following names.

  • Watu.
  • Quiz Mater Next.
  • Chained Quiz.
  • WP Pro Quiz.
  • SlickQuiz.
  • mTouch Quiz etc.

Now let us see which one is the recommended WordPress quiz plugin.

 WP-Pro-Quiz – WordPress quiz plugin

Wp-Pro-Quiz is a stylish and fully functional quiz plugin. It is packed with a lot of features that can serve the basic and advanced needs of putting quiz in a post. Given below are some of the features of Wp-Pro-Quiz.


Wp-Pro-Quiz gives statistics about the performance of user who attempt the quiz. Although the statistics are not detailed one. They only tell that a person attempted that many questions and got that many correct.

Options available

There are lot of options available for customizing the quiz. Before making any quiz these customizations have to be set. You can leave it as default. General options, question options, leaderboard settings and email settings are what available. Questions are added separately and you can edit the questions on will.

WordPress quiz plugin

Quiz descriptions and result window

Separate descriptions for quiz are available that will show on the first window of the quiz. Similarly, on results windows author can add the text. So, Wp-Pro-Quiz enables the post author to tailor it as required.

Four types of quiz modes are available in Wp-Pro-Quiz. These include:

  • Normal.
  • Normal + Back Button.
  • Check – Continue.
  • Questions below each other.

WP Pro Quiz review

How to enter Wp-Pro-Quiz in post

Well putting Wp-Pro-Quiz in a post is not straight forward. For the first time I had to search a lot. So, follow the below given steps for putting Wp-Pro-Quiz in post.

In the quiz overview menu you will see a list of quizzes. Infront of each quiz there is a short code. This shortcode is to simply be put in the post body and the whole quiz will be embedded.

WP Pro Quiz shortcode

Documentation of WP-Pro-quiz can be read from here.

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