How to remove WordPress featured Image from Posts

WordPress Featured image is the illustrative image about any post. Most of the themes in WordPress use these featured images to display thumbnails along with post summary. These images are shown at different places in the WordPress blog. Home pages, category pages, recent posts and sliders are the main examples. Firstly, we shall know that how to add WordPress featured image in a WP website..

Add WordPress Featured Image

Adding featured image is a very easy task. There are two methods of doing it in WordPress content management system.

  1. Manual- When you create a new post from dashboard, in the right sidebar there is option of featured image. Any picture can be manually added there.
  2. Automatic – This method is useful for blogs with hundred of posts. If you are using a theme that demands WordPress featured image, use any plugin. You will find many plugins by entering “add featured image” in plugin search. These plugins will automatically add the first image from post as the WordPress featured Image.Featured Images Remove

Till now all is green and you are happy using your WordPress theme with featured images as thumbnails.

What is the Problem with WordPress Featured images…?

Sometimes it happens in some themes that the featured image starts appearing as a large picture at the start of post. This is annoying. No one wants multiples same pictures in the post. What a blogger will want is featured image only shown in designated places of theme and not at the start of any blog post.

How to remove WordPress Feature Image from Post in Jarida Theme

I have mentioned Jarida theme because it is very popular WordPress theme. It runs on theme forest and is a Premium theme. I have successfully removed WordPress featured images from posts in Jarida theme. You can use this method and check it in other themes as well. Unfortunately, there is no plugin available that can do this task for us. Keep in mind that we only want to remove featured images from posts and not from thumbnails.

So, you would have to change the HTML coding of your theme. For Jarida theme use the method given below:

  • Step 1: Open the dashboard of your wordpress blog and in “Appearance” section select “Editor”. HTML editor of the WordPress theme will open.
  • Step 2: Here in the right side bar, you will see many names. For example, header.php , footer, theme templates etc. Select Post header from the list. Upon clicking you will see editor opened.
  • Step 3:  In that editor you have to look for the code given in picture below and simply remove it.

WordPress Featured Image


Removing this code from Post header will remove WordPress featured image from the posts.

For other themes

For other themes you can check other options given in the editor list. Check in the “single.php”. Look for the whole code in the editor where post thumbnail words are found. Check the result by removing the associated lines.

I did not found any solution to remove my featured images from posts. I looked for “post thumbnail words” and found that it works. Check it on your theme and share your experiences in the comments sections.

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