Best Web Hosting in Pakistan – Cheap & Reliable

Best Web hosting with reliable support is what every webmaster seeks. To make your presence on internet and to publish a website, web hosting is pre requisite. Most of the people find it really difficult to find an affordable and better host provider. Sometimes you are not satisfied with the services provided by web host and you just want to change it. In this article, I shall present a web host that provides best web hosting in Pakistan.

Local Web Host vs International Web Host

There are many local companies providing web hosting in Pakistan. The rates they offer are somewhat manageable but the features they offer are not up-to international standards. An international web hosting is more reliable and they have better support as compared to local hosting companies. On many Pakistani blogs it is mentioned that go for a local host as international hosts are very expensive. Another reason provided is that it is difficult to pay international hosting companies as compared to local hosts. Well, in search of best web hosting in Pakistan let me share my experience. When I was about to open my first website a year ago I had the same confusion. I also had the feeling that international web hosting might be expensive. I was also looking for a Best Web Hosting in Pakistan. But then I came across iPage web hosting.

Best Web Hosting in Pakistan

iPage – Among top Web hosting companies of the world

 iPage is one of the cheapest web hosting around the world. They offer essential web hosting plan in about $ 2 per month which makes $ 24 for the first year. But there services are not on the lower side. It is one of the reliable web hosts. There customer service is great and they offer many promotions to the customers. I would suggest iPage to users who are in search of a best web hosting in Pakistan.

You would not get a local hosting with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth in 2 dollars. They offer unlimited email account and hundreds of Dollars in free internet marketing. Get $ 50 facebook credit on sign up and get visits and likes to your blog. You can host unlimited websites on a single account.

Not many webmasters use iPage in Pakistan. Reason may be that they are obsessed by the higher names of Hostgator or Bluehost. I am using iPage for a year and have not seen any down time. One con of hosting providers is that they offer promotion for start up and then renewal rates are high. Same is the case with iPage. But you can any time money back guarantee on iPage and can transfer your website to new host any time.

How to get Unlimited and Best Web Hosting in Pakistan

Well to get the Best Web Hosting in Pakistan you need a credit card. Do not have one??? Do not worry. I was also not having any credit card.

You can get your WIZ internet card from any branch of United Bank Limited (UBL). This card can be used for every shopping on internet. Simply deposit money in your WIZ account and use it to check out on internet.

Follow the link given below to get unlimited iPage hosting at a cheaper and discounted rate.

Get iPage discounted Web Hosting

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