Textra SMS Messaging App Review

Textra SMS is among the many alternative messaging apps for android users. Like other popular messaging android apps it is loaded with some excellent features. I have been using Textra SMS for more than a year. It has satisfied the users more than Go SMS app. Reasons are hidden in its features. This has forced me to make a Textra SMS review. Textra according to their official site is the first app which features the Lollipop material design look. Before moving forward, let us check some of the statistics.

Textra SMS is a new entrant in the android messaging apps programs. It has millions of installs to date. The average user rating for the application is 4.5 (75K reviews). The size of the application in 3.4 megabytes. Lets have a look at some of the features of Textra.

Look and Feel of Textra SMSTextra SMS review

Textra has a smart, simple and sleeky design. A few months before huge changes have been made in the application. The technology and features are also improved. The green icon of Textra has been replaced with the blue icon. The main screen of textra has rounded contact snaps. In the absence of snaps the first letter of contact name serves as the image.

Textra has a difference in themes setup. It does not have separate themes for the messaging application. Instead, the theme in changed by whole color schemes. There are 35 preset colors which can be chosen. It offers three background colors which include dark, white and black.

Review of Usability of Textra

Textra SMS is very simple to use. Its really easy and straight forward to compose and reply a text message. The feature of pop up is not available in Textra SMS messaging application. It has an alternative for this feature. The floating top bar on click shows a hanging drop down window which allows instant and quick replies of messages.

The loading speed of Textra is very fast in comparison to Go SMS Pro app. It uses less resources of the android hardware and hence eats less RAM. Unlike Go SMS Pro where newly installed themes use RAM, Textra is a light weight app.

Other Features

Google playstore features a separate Emoji plugin for Textra SMS app. It has some very exciting Emoji icons. Textra has all other basic functionalities of a modern android messaging app. It also has a feature to Blacklist the unwanted contact messages. Text size can be adjusted to the liking of the user.

Missing Features in Textra SMS

Now coming towards to the short comings of this application. Firstly, as mentioned above Textra does not feature Pop Up window feature. It has been adjusted with floating window. But those users that want instant view of messages as pop up, Textra may not be the option. Secondly, Textra SMS does not have a Dual SIM feature. In Go SMS Pro and many other messaging apps, it does not have two buttons for separate SIMs. The send buttons forwards messages from only default selected SIM. This is a serious short coming that has be removed in coming updates. Thirdly, this light weight SMS and MMS app lacks advanced functionalities which are offered by GO SMS Pro. These may include separate and private folders, schedule message sending and others.

Final Words about Textra

If you are looking for a replacement to your stock messaging app Textra may be the option if…! Yes, if you are not very much into messaging features and do not bother advance features. If you are not a dual SIM user and do not frequently switch SIMs to send messages. For general use and elegant messaging Textra SMS is a great choice. If your mobile phone is not having huge RAM and fast processor then close your eyes and choose Textra SMS.

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