Qmobile Noir X900 Review & Benchmark results

Qmobile Noir X900 is a latest smartphone by a Pakistani mobile brand Qmobile. This smartphone comes in two variants. Qmobile Noir X900 (High) contains 16 GB RAM and 2GB RAM. On the other hand Qmobile Noir X900 (Low) has 8GB ROM and 2GB RAM. Both smartphones have octacore processors. The processor of 16 GB phone is bit faster than that of the other. The processing speeds and benchmarks results of Qmobile X900 Low are available on the internet. This post is specifically written to share the performance of this highly demanded phone. Benchmark results and some other screenshots are given below.

Before moving on to the performance. Given below Qmobile Noir X900 review.

Shape and Design of Qmobile Noir X900

Qmobile Noir X900 High is about 141 mm in length. This is a moderate length of a 5 inch screen smartphone. The thichness is 7.8 mm which makes it a great slim phone. Mobile is made up of plastic body but still good enough in 21 thousand rupees. The volume rockers are on the left side of the phone and power button on the right. USB slot for charging in on the bottom side. Top of the phone has only 3.5mm earphone jack.

Qmobile Noir X900 homescreen

Qmobile Noir X900 menu


You are not going to get a free SD card with this smartphone. You will get a free flip cover and screen protector. Other standard accessories are same as with any other smartphone.

Battery Performance:

Qmobile Noir X900 (High) has a removable 2100 mah battery. The battery power should have been more but still its fair enough. You will get decent battery backup on moderate to high usage. In comparison to other phones of same category I found good battery backup. The plus point is that Qmobile has given power adapter of 1 Ampere output so battery charges fast.


As you do not get any SD card, so internal storage should be more. Qmobile Noir X900 (High) has 1 GB space for applications and 12 GB as phone storage. This is enough space. And off course you can extent the storage with SD card.

Qmobile Noir X900 storage

Qmobile Noir X900 phone storage

Connectivity & Extra features:

The phone is equipped with better connectivity option. User will experience higher data speeds on WIFI and 3G. Unfortunately, the 4G feature is not available. Beside this you will get some extra features in this mobile. These include HotKnot, Smart Gesture, Power saving and other exciting features.


Performance of Qmobile Noir X900 is super fast and smooth. It has 8 cores of 1.7 GHz. A capable GPU and 2 GB RAM which gives excellent benchmark scores. Given below are the benchmark scores on Antutu Benchmark.

Antutu benchmark Qmobile Noir X900

Qmobile Noir X900 benchmark

Have a look at Quadrant Scores.

Qmobile Noir X900 review


Qmobile Noir X900 has a excellent camera. Front camera of 5 MP is also capable of taking excellent photos. Visit our facebook page for camera samples of this phone.

Facebook Page

If you have any other questions feel free to ask in comments section.

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  1. Very Nice..thanks..!!

  2. if want to use 2 sims can you use sd card too or you can use only 2 sim cards or one sim and one memeroy card please eleborate

  3. Nice review.. Can u confirm it supports 3g on both sims?

  4. very nice Information. Thankx

  5. What about touch response ? And x800 gestures work smoothly on x900

  6. please share link of pictures on fb page. thanks

  7. Is there any issue regarding to its apps storage? Which is only 1 GB. Is it sufficient? Can I move my apps to SD card in it?

    • There is an issue with app storage. Apps can be moved to SD card but whole data is not copied. There is always a part of app which stays on internal storage. The ultimate method of increasing the storage is by rooting the mobile.

  8. Syed Hassan Raza

    If I use kingo app root then the problem will be solved or not? And by rooting does its internal storage will be increased?

  9. I have x900 this is still hang and show message osr not responding. What is the solution.

  10. mobile is good but application space is very low total eternal memery 16gb but application installed memery 1 gb please tell me applications memery space is 5gb or 4gb or above

  11. I have x900 qmobile butt application installed issue application space 1gb is very bit

  12. What is smart gesture and how it is used.?

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