Photo Locker Pro apk App Review

Photo Locker pro is one of the simplest apk app available. This android application makes it easy to lock and protect your private photos in your smartphone. Photo Locker pro comes in two versions. One is free version and the other is full or paid version. Paid version comes with more features and benefits. Full version has an average user rating of 4.4 out of 5 points. In this post we shall look at some of the features of Photo Locker pro apk app.

Ease of use

Photo Locker pro is extremely easy to use. At the time of installation the user sets a key. The key is usually in numbers and makes it convenient to quickly reach the files. Locking and unlocking of photo and images is just like sharing them. Infact it is even easier. From gallery you get a Photo Locker pro button in share option. From there the pics can be sent in privacy. Similarly unlocking can be done by opening the application. Folders where unlocked images go can be altered.

Photo locker pro apk app review

Photo Locker pro – Light weight app

Photo Locker pro apk app is very light weight. It does not use more resources of the smartphone and puts lesser pressure on RAM. It opens and closes quickly and offers convenient view of images just like a gallery view.

Other features

Photo Locker pro does not come with lots of features, but still its a high performance app. The features it provides are reliable and sound. You can change the frame speed of image viewing in the application. Folders can be made and deleted in the apk app. Password change is done easily in this application.

Bulk hide option of Photo locker pro makes it possible to simultaneously hide hundreds of pictures. The whole folder can also be made hidden with the help of this app.

Screenshot Photo locker pro app

Photo Locker pro Free vs Paid

The free version of photo locker is still a capable application. But if you really want to get the ultimate experience purchase the pro version of Photo Locker. It comes with some exciting options like the stealth mode option.

Stealth mode – How to use it.

Well the how to use tutorials are available with in the application. Photo Locker pro stealth mode makes it possible to hide the application along with the images. This may not appear an awesome feature to those who know that apps can be hidden from launcher settings. But stealth mode will even make it disappear from menu and other places. Stealth mode also has the easiness that it can be used to reach the app instantly. Just dial your pin in calculator or dialer and the application will launch. So, one does not need to hide and unhide the app as it will always remain hidden with icon disappeared.


Photo Locker pro review that has been made above proves it a handy android app. Real fruits can be obtained by actually installing the application in your smartphone. It will take your images privacy to a new level. Share your experiences with Photo Locker pro apk app.

Download Photo Locker pro app from here.

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