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myMail is an email application for android smartphones. It offers some great features that make it a highly rated app. The application has an average rating of 4.4 with millions of downloads. myMail supports most of the major email clients. These include Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft and others. myMail can also be used for any IMAP or POP3 enabled mailbox. myMail review has been made in this post. Given below are some of the important features available in this apk application.

myMail Review

All in one app

myMail is an all in one application. It means that by using myMail all of the email accounts can be grouped in one place. A user does not need to log in to separate applications and install them. A single application will handle all the accounts. This features is also available in many other smartphone apps but myMail offers streamline service.

Real Time notifications

Like the default application of any mailbox, this apk app gives real time response rate. All the messages are displayed in real time. So, a user will never feel late in getting the important messages.

User interface

In comparison with other email apps myMail has the most attractive user interface. It is light in weight and very user friendly. A great feature is that it comes free unlike other apps including Aqua mail which is paid. myMail application has the user interface somewhat similar to Gmail application.

myMail review

Extra Features

Apart from the standard folders available in every application myMail gives an advanced feature. These folders can be added of deleted as liked by the user. As the apk app supports IMAP and POP3 clients, so its is very handy for website owners. Website users possess their separate email address like These type of email clients can be easily ported to myMail. It will enable them to actively monitor the emails coming on these accounts.

Features of myMail

Last Words from myMail review

After myMail review, it is clear that it is an handy android app to manage email accounts. It will safe the user from handling multiple accounts. It offers some useful features that are almost perfect for a free android email app.

Download free app from here.

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