Make Bootable USB for Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Making of a Bootable USB through a simple method is demonstrated in this post.

Sometimes you have the windows CD files or UBUNTU CD but the goal is to transfer it to devices that support USB only. What to do if you want to install an operating system into your laptop and have no CD? What to do if the notebook you have no CD-ROM/DVD ROM? Well the simple answer is to install it through Bootable USB device or Flash drive. Bootable USB will boot at start up unlike the normal USB drive. There are some steps in making a Bootable USB drive. We can summarize them into 3 main steps.

Step 1: Arrange for the Windows files or Ubuntu files

The first step is arranging for the Windows files or the Ubuntu operating system files. These files can be copied from a CD into your PC. These files will contains folders and setup files. Sometimes you download it via internet and these all files are contained in a folder. This step is basic and it can be eliminated if you have got an ISO image. Ubuntu’s official website allows you to download the ISO image. Similarly, for windows you can also search for a iso image.

Step 2: Make a Disk Image of the Operating System (ISO image)

If you do not have an iso image with you then you can also create it. You will find a variety of softwares over the internet that can do this for you. You can use Daemon tools pro or any other ISO maker. ISO image is necessary for all the windows and Ubuntu files to be mounted on a bootable USB. Keep in mind that with this method you can create ISO method of every version of Windows including XP and Vista. (Not tested for windows 8, but it should work).

Step 3: Mount that image on USB to make it bootable USBBootable USB maker

This is the last step in making a bootable USB. You have to have an ISO image before proceeding for this step. Now as you have used one software for making a disk image. You would have have to use another software here to make bootable USB. Microsoft corporation has its own Windows 7 bootable USB maker tool. You can download it from their website and it will make a USB bootable. But if you don’t get that then a free ware software is very popular. It is named Rufus. Rufus is a light weight excellent tool that can mount an ISO image on to a removable disk to make it bootable. It can be used for every operating system. You can get the software from their official site. Select the device or removable disk you want to use. In the format options, the third option is create a bootable disk using. Now here you would have to select iso image and point towards the location where the image is present in you computer. Then click start and in 10 to 15 minutes your USB will be made bootable.

Note: Remember to save and make a back up of any data present in USB or removable disk. While making a bootable USB all the data on it is formatted. Once you make it bootable, then don’t delete the Windows 7 or Ubuntu files and use the USB as usual.

Ask for help about any step in the comments section.

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