Chomp SMS Review – Chomp SMS vs Textra SMS

Chomp SMS is freeware messaging app for android users. It is round for quite a number of years. Chomp SMS along with other giants of android messaging is one of the top app. It has tens of millions of installs and lacs of review. It has a user rating of 4.4 which is excellent. Its latest version is made public about a month before. This post is written for the purpose of making Chomp SMS review. At the same time it compares Chomp SMS with its close relative Textra SMS. A detailed review including the specifications of Textra SMS has already been published on Blogging Guide. It can be read in the following link.

So, let us start with review of Chomp SMS android messaging app and its comparison with Textra.

Chomp SMS review – Comparison with Textra SMS

In this comparison we shall include the look and feel, features and usability. Given below is a detailed Chomp SMS review.

Look and Feel of Chomp SMS vs Textra SMS

Well the looks and user interface of Chomp SMS is very similar to that of Textra SMS. In the main screen of both apps we have same graphics and theme. The contact name contains a photo or the first word of name in circle. But Chomp SMS has the extra feature of customizing the contact pictures. Textra lacks this feature. In the chat window of Textra you cannot add contact photos next to chat bubble.

Textra SMS has preset themes in which only the colors can be altered. But Chomp SMS android messaging app takes the lead by offering various themes of playstore. These can be installed and contain various graphical features. Smileys and Emoji icon features have resemblance.

Overall the look of Textra SMS is neat, clean and minimalist. It makes texting a real ease.

Features of Chomp SMS vs Textra SMS

Chomp SMS have some features that are missing in Textra. In Textra SMS review, its features are mentioned. Chomp SMS offer the pop up window feature. It allows maximum customization of messaging app. Chomp SMS has an excellent feature of delayed sending in which written messages can be easily reviewed. An interesting feature of Speak text is also added in Chomp SMS. Chomp SMS review reveals that the settings menu also have greater options as compared to Textra. Textra SMS vs Chomp SMS review

Usability of Chomp SMS

The usability of both the apps is checked before making this Chomp SMS review. The speed and performance of Textra SMS is better as compared to Chomp SMS. On lower end mobiles Chomp SMS is likely to function slowly but Textra is super fast. In Textra SMS review it was mentioned that it uses less RAM as compared to Go SMS pro and other apps. The reason may be that it does not need extra add ons in the form of themes.

Making a quick SMS is easy in Textra as compared to Chomp SMS. Chomp SMS provides ease of use with pop up quick reply but Textra counters it with hanging quick reply window.

Author’s View

Its really difficult to pick up a better messaging app among Chomp SMS and Textra. It depends on the taste of the user and its preferences. If you are features conscious and need a number of addons and features, the Chomp SMS is for you. But for a person like me who just needs an android app for quick messaging, Textra is best one. Obviously, it does not mean that Textra SMS has no feature at all. It contains all the necessary features plus those that are specific to Textra. Give your views about these apps in the comments section.

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  1. Can you get repeated notifications every 1 to 2 minutes using chump

  2. Benedict Suarez

    For me, the textra is the best. It is vert simple but fast.

  3. thanks for review,
    i like textra

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