Chitika Review – CPC Payment Estimates

Chitika is a PPC advertising company. PPC stands for pay per click. It means that the publishers will get money only when the ad is clicked. Among the PPC networks, Chitika is considered a good alternative to Adsense. This post features Chitika review as a PPC network.

Chitika Review – Registration

Registration is the first factor to be included in Chitika review. Registering with Chitika and creating a publisher account is very easy. You are just required to put your personal and account information. Upon registration you will receive an email that your application has been approved. It means that they have no restriction with site niche, visitor base and lower level domain. Almost all account are approved by Chitika. This is a plus feature of Chitika.

Chitika Review PPC publisher

Types of Chitika ad Units

Chitika offers a variety of ad units. They recommend you a size with about 8 advertising texts. There are many other ad formats that can easily fit in the blog. The looks of Chitika ads are not that much appealing. They lag behind Adsense and other popular ad networks in this regard. On default there are green colored blocks placed above, below or in-between the posts. All of their ads consist of texts that match the content of your website or post. In a Chitika review, also consider that it is completely compatible with Google Adsense. Sites having Adsense ads can also have Chitika ads and vice versa.

How much does Chitika pay

Obviously the most important and demanding question to answer in the Chitika review. I have read in some Chitika reviews that it pay well enough. It is ranked after Google adsense by some. The story is different now a days. If you have your visitor base from Asian countries mainly Pakistan and India, then Chitika may not pay well. Their CPC (cost per click) rates are very low for these countries. Actually they have separate blocks in stats page. One block shows clicks/impressions from Canada or US and the other from rest of the world. May be these Chitika reviews are made from US or CA.! I started off with Chitika on one of my blog and soon realized that the CPC is very low. Most of my blog visitors were from Pakistan. They were paying about 0.003$ for every click. Which means that I would get 1$ from about 300 clicks. These 300 clicks at 3% CTR would need about 10 thousand vsitors. With adsense one can easilty get 50$ with such a visitor base. So, as you are solely dependent upon clicks in PPC ads so visitors without clicks won’t pay you. Chitika obviously has high CPC rates for Canadian and American traffic. But these too are also not very good. Initially Chitika used to be a CPM network alongwith PPC. But now it pays only on clicks.

Chitika CPC CPM

Final Words

Chitika is a highly rated PPC network where you can supplementary income. It has advantages that it runs without any problem with adsense ads. It also has very easy approval process. It offers $10 as payout threshold. But if you are running a blog with majority of traffic from countries other than CA and US, consider some other ad network with higher CPC. You won’t be able to get enough money if you are running a blog with small to medium number of visitors.

You would find various data over the internet when you search for Chitika review. An latest review and situation has been shared here. Do share your views how do you feel about Chitika as a Website monetizing network.

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  1. They pay well for US/UK traffic but not for indian traffic.

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