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8 Must Have WordPress Plugins for a Blog

Contact form plugins

Among all the content management systems, WordPress is the most popular one. There are many features and advantages that WordPress offers over other website developing programs. One of the reason of popularity of WordPress is the huge number of free plugins. With WordPress installed a blogger has access to great free plugins. These plugin make blogging even easier and automated. ...

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Geo Targeting a Website in Webmaster tools

International targeting a website

Now a days blogging is all about optimizing the website for search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing are the main suppliers of fresh and unique visitors. Most of us know that there is an option of geographical targeting in webmasters. It is also known as country targeting and international targeting. This option is available in both Google webmaster ...

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Taking Screenshot on Windows 7 Snipping tool

Windows 7 Snipping tool

There are many software programs available that can make screenshots on windows. Others are screen recorders and they can record video from your computer screen. Windows 7 was launched with a built in tool able to capture screenshots. That tool is Windows 7 Snipping tool. Most of the users are totally unaware of even the presence of Windows 7 snipping tool. ...

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eDomz Review – CPC CPM Rates & Income Calculation

eDomz Review

eDomz Review is a continuation of posts on review of PPC and CPM advertisement. On blogging guide reviews are made from publishers perspective. In the previous review of Chitika PPC ads, I have mentioned its earning potential. In case of eDomz you will read several reviews over the internet. These review place eDomz in the list of best alternatives to ...

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