Apex launcher vs Nova Launcher Comparsion

Launcher is an important application of android operating system. It enables different apps to be launched. That is the reason why a lot of launchers are available on playstore. Among these, Apex launcher and Nova launcher are big names. A comparison of these launchers is presented here. Apex launcher vs Nova Launcher is a review of both these launchers. Screenshots and pictures are given to elaborate the difference. Find a review of Go launcher here.

Apex launcher vs Nova Launcher

Both launchers are fairly popular. The review score of Nova launcher free version is 4.6. On the other hand Apex Launcher has a score of 4.3 stars. Nova launcher has more installs in comparison with Apex. Following point must be considered before choosing the right launcher.

Look and Feel of Launchers:

Both launchers have almost same home screen feel and app drawers. The icons and drawer graphics of Apex launcher are more smooth. Nova launcher gives lesser sleek look. Screen transitions can be altered but by default Apex has smoother transitions.

Apex launcher app drawer

Apex App Drawer

Nova launcher app drawer

Nova launcher App drawer

Resource Use of Apex Launcher vs Nova launcher:

Nova launcher is RAM friendly. It uses lesser resources of your smartphone. On the other Apex launcher consumes a bit more RAM is normal operations. This may be due to the fact that it has to provide more smoother and elegant transition with icons.

Customization and Speed:

In comparison with other apps like Go launcher, both of these apps are highly customizable. The options available to mold the android experience are great. But when compared Apex launcher wins the race. A view of the customization available is given in the below given screenshots.

When compared for speed, both launchers are speedy. Apex launcher is a bit better as it provides no lags. But it does not means that Nova launcher slows down.

Apex Launcher vs Nova Launcher

Apex Launcher vs Nova Launcher settings

Pro Version of Apex Launcher vs Nova launcher

Both launcher come in pro versions. The pro or paid version of Nova launcher is called Nova launcher prime. Gestures in Nova launcher free version are unavailable. Similarly the read count widget will not work in free version.

On the other hand, you can use almost all features of Apex launcher in free version. the paid version just gives enhancement of the features given in free version. So, you will not lag behind testing any feature in free version of Apex launcher.


Both Apex Launcher vs Nova launcher are highly rated. They offer great and almost the same features. There are slight differences between both launchers. The final decision may depend upon the liking and taste of the user. But a detailed review reveals that Apex launcher has an edge over Nova Launcher. Do share your thoughts and experiences about these android applications.

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